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Personality Dynamics in Drug Rehab

The ID, Super Ego, and Ego in Drug Rehab.

These three elements are what make up the psychoanalytics of every personality.  Applied to addiction and substance abuse they are the subconscious aspects and individual relies on for almost every decision.

The ID – this is the child or pleasure seeker for the young adult in drug rehab.  This thought process can be defensive, aggressive, impulsive and needs immediate gratification – essentially very addict conducive.  An addict given a stressful or trigger situation will revert to this element to use their drug of choice.

The Super Ego – this is the parent or protector of the addict personality.  The thought process is Hiding, Safety, Care-Taking.  The Super Ego is in direct contrast of the ID.  This is the part of the young adult needing drug rehab that criticizes and discourages drive, fantasies, feelings, and actions.  It is the part of the addict personality that criticizes behavior with guilt and shame.

The Ego – this is the balance of the addicted young adults ID and Super Ego – a regulator of the power struggle.  In young adult drug rehab, this element is encouraged.  The Ego has the ability to help an individual think critically and create options for different outcomes.  Having a choice when stressful or uncomfortable situations arise takes a person out of the addict survival mode and allows for healthy communication and relationships.